We will publish the dates for the examination A2 progressively. There will be more dates from January 2022. Do not call the schools, follow this website and our Facebook. When you need information on the examination and your application for permanent residence, only contact the DAMP, MI CR, not schools.

Now choose your school and date. Find out the availability of the date. Does your chosen school not have a free date? Choose another school or go back to the list of cities where schools are located, or contact the school you selected. (Please note that the deadline for online applications is at least 14 days before the exam.)

Are all of the dates now full? Please, remain calm. You will gradually have more dates. There will be enough dates for everyone in 2022. The branches of the DAMP, MI CR know about this situation. If the time for the examination given to you by the DAMP, MI CR, is not sufficient, you can request an extension. Be aware, you must always request the extension, the DAMP does not extend this period automatically.
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Střední průmyslová škola, Obchodní akademie a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Frýdek-Místek, příspěvková organizace
Palackého 123, 738 01 Frýdek-Místek
558 436 015, 733 576 161, 732 227 482
The school does not currently have any dates announced.