Please note that you must have a negative antigen test (not more than 72 hours before) or negative PCR (not more than 7 days before) or confirmation of having had COVID-19 (at most 90 days before) for the exam. Otherwise, you CANNOT take the exam. The school wíll provide more information.

Now choose your school and date. Find out the availability of the date. Does your chosen school not have a free date? Choose another school or go back to the list of cities where schools are located, or contact the school you selected. (Please note that the deadline for online applications is at least 7 days before the exam. After this deadline, only the school can register you for the exam.)

ATTENTION, do you really need the examination at the A1 level for permanent residence? Before you sign up, make sure that you fulfil all of the conditions for the application for permanent residence and that the examination at the A1 level will be enough for you. It can happen that the DAMP will reject your application and you will have taken the examination unnecessarily.
School and date
Filled-in application
Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Břeclav, příspěvková organizace
sady 28. října 674/1, 690 02 Břeclav
519 326 162, 739 681 967
25. 08. 2021, from 09:00
11. 09. 2021, from 09:00
6 of the free spaces
15. 09. 2021, from 09:00
12 of the free spaces
22. 09. 2021, from 13:00
15 of the free spaces
29. 09. 2021, from 09:00
15 of the free spaces
06. 10. 2021, from 13:00
15 of the free spaces
09. 10. 2021, from 09:00
17 of the free spaces
13. 10. 2021, from 09:00
15 of the free spaces
20. 10. 2021, from 13:00
14 of the free spaces