Teď se můžete přihlásit jenom na zkoušku A1. Přihlásit na zkoušku A2 se budete moct v polovině měsíce října 2021. Zkoušku A1 dělají ti žadatelé, kteří podali žádost o trvalý pobyt před 1. září 2021.

The following materials should serve as preparation for the Examination in the Czech Language for permanent residence.

Practice Test

Test your knowledge in Czech at the language level A1. The result of the practice test can tell you whether you can realistically pass the examination. So far, the test includes only the reading and listening parts in an interactive version with assessment. The writing and speaking parts are currently only in a preview. We are preparing their interactive form for you. You need a minimum of 80 minutes. If you do not reach a min. of 80% in both parts of the exam, we recommend repeating it.

Available for download

The brochure with the A2 model test

The brochure includes the complete form of the A2 model test including the answer sheets and a key with resolutions of the tasks. It also contains some basic information on the examination.

Handbook to the A2 Examination

The handbook Examination in the Czech language for permanent residence in the Czech Republic (level A2) – teaching material (2020) is the main preparatory material for the examination. It contains information about the exam, preparatory exercises, model versions and all types of tasks that are included in the exam. The handbook is equipped with a key and recordings for the exercises. The applicant can learn with the manual himself/herself or with the aid of a teacher.

Social Media


The Facebook Page The examination in the Czech language for the permanent residence offers free assistance with the preparation for the examination with articles, exercises, activities, pictures and videos.



The YouTube Channel The examination in the Czech language for the permanent residence offers recordings and videos for the examination.