V souvislosti s velkým zájmem o zkoušku z češtiny pro trvalý pobyt byla vytvořena nová online registrace, která byla spuštěna 2. 1. 2024. Další informace najdete zde.

It is possible here to register officially for the Examination in the Czech Language for permanent residence in the CR using the online form. Prepare your personal data and possibly a voucher for the exam. You can find more information on the voucher in the Exam Information. The examination can be taken only at selected schools. First, choose the city where you want to take the examination.

Now choose your school and date. Find out the availability of the date. Does your chosen school not have a free date? Choose another school or go back to the list of cities where schools are located, or contact the school you selected. (Please note that the deadline for online applications is at least 7 days before the exam. After this deadline, only the school can register you for the exam.)

Fill in all your personal data, which must match your data in your travel document. Please note that you must enter all data correctly. Check them well. If you have a voucher for the examination, the data on the voucher must also match your data in the travel document. If they do not match, contact the relevant workplace of the Department of the Residence of Aliens, which issued the voucher to you.