V souvislosti s velkým zájmem o zkoušku z češtiny pro trvalý pobyt byla vytvořena nová online registrace, která byla spuštěna 2. 1. 2024. Další informace najdete zde.

Welcome to the official site for the exam in the Czech language for permanent residence.

The site offers clear and complete information for foreigners who apply for permanent residence in the Czech Republic and will take an exam in the Czech language.

Frequently Asked Questions

From when is the A2 level exam valid?

The examination is valid as of 1 September 2021. What is important is the date when you submit the application for permanent residence. If you submitted your application on 1 September 2021 or later, you can only take the A2 exam.

Attention! Each application is assessed individually, and already at the time you submit it, you must meet all the conditions stipulated by law (e.g., 5 years of previous continuous residence on the territory) and prove that you have fulfilled everything. Therefore, it can happen that you do not meet the conditions and your application for permanent residence will be rejected.

What is the period of validity for the issued certificate?

The certificate has unlimited validity.

Can I apply for permanent residence before I register for the exam?

Considering the capacity of the system, we currently recommend to first apply for the exam and then submit an application for permanent residence. The DAMP MI CR will begin the administrative process with you and set a certain period (deadline) by which you must complete the application. It determines by when you must have completed the exam. In any case, it is the case that you can submit an application for permanent residence when you have fulfilled the condition of 5 years of previous continuous residence on the territory of the Czech Republic.

How soon do I have to bring a test certificate if I have not yet submitted one? Is it possible to extend this period, for example if there is a lack of A2 exam dates?

The DAMP MI CR will determine this time (deadline) according to the circumstances and the situation so that you can pass the exam. This means that if there are no dates for the exam or it turns out that it is not possible to take this exam for other objective reasons, the DAMP MI CR will take this into account and set or extend the deadline by which you must bring a certificate. Therefore, this deadline, within which you must bring a certificate, takes into account the situation in the examining institutions. In the event that the deadline provided by the DAMP MI CR will not be sufficient, you can request its extension.

How much does the A2 exam cost?

The price for an exam is CZK 3200.

How can I register for an exam?

You can register for the exam in person or online at one of the schools listed: https://cestina-pro-cizince.cz/trvaly-pobyt/a2/online-prihlaska/

Be aware that only these schools officially offer the exam for permanent residence. If all the dates are full, please wait. The capacity of the schools and dates are increased continuously.

How can I cancel or change the application for the exam?

You can change the application 8 days before the date of the exam at the latest. If you want to cancel the application, you must either excuse yourself in person at the school or in writing. You always have to prove the excuse or it will not be accepted. If you do not excuse yourself from the exam, you will lose one date of the exam. Be aware that you can take the exam at most 3x a year.

What does the A2 exam look like and how does it transpire?

The exam takes place in a single day. You find out the result by email or text message within 9 days of the day on which you took the exam. Mainly what is important is the oral exam, which takes about 15 min. You do not have to know the grammar well, but you must understand well and communicate in basic situations from normal life. The written part takes almost two hours and in it you will find tasks from reading, listening and writing. If you do not know what the exam looks like and do not prepare for the exam, you cannot successfully pass the A2 exam. You can find all the information on this website.

How to prepare for the exam?

That the level of the exam will increase has been talked about for a long time. Since most of the applicants have lived in the Czech Republic for at least five years, we assume that those who will need a higher level of A2 have already started preparing for the exam. You can attend language courses, which take place in all of the regions of the CR and are organised by the Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners and some nongovernmental non-profit organisations. Methodological support for preparation for the exam is available here. We offer further support for the exam through the social media: Facebook – @cestinaprotrvalypobyt, YouTube – Zkouška z češtiny pro trvalý pobyt.

Naturally, you can also use the paid services of language schools and other institutions to prepare for the exam. We recommend that everyone who wants to register for the exam attend at least a 50-hour course, or devote this time to at least self-study and use our online support.