For the required examination on the Level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (hereinafter only as A1), an alien who is applying for a permanent residence permit may prepare in a language course of Czech for Foreigners. However, the course is not a condition for taking the examination itself.

An expert team has prepared the Methodology of Preparation for the Examination in the Czech Language for Permanent Residence Applicants (Level A1). We recommend that you become acquainted with this Methodology, because not every course of Czech for Foreigners with a completion level A1 is automatically a preparation for the required examination. In other words, a person who has completed a language course of Czech for Foreigners with a completion level A1 may have the knowledge of the Czech language on the Level A1 but is not familiar with the form of the examination, which could be a reason for failing it.

The applicant for permanent residence can prepare for the examination basically in three ways:

  1. on his/her own without the help of a teacher;
  2. on his/her own with the help of a teacher (who can even be a member of the family);
  3. in a language course.

The following items may be used when preparing for the examination:

Before the examination, the applicants should acquaint themselves with the brochure with a model version of the examination, which includes the full format of the examination including solutions. We recommend that the teachers and examiners who are preparing foreigners for successfully passing the required examination in the Czech language acquaint themselves with the form and content of the examination. More information on the examination can be found on these webpages.