Organisation of the Czech Life and Institutions Exam is governed by the Exam Rules. Please also review the Information for Candidates before taking the exam.

You have to

  • sign up for the exam (or one of its parts) at least 14 days prior to the exam date
  • pay the fee for the exam (or one of its parts) no later than 7 days after sending/submitting the exam application form and bring proof of payment with you to the registration
  • come to the registration at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam (or one of its parts)
  • prove your identity by presenting a valid, internationally recognised travel document (i.e., a passport)
  • check the accuracy of your data (name, surname, date of birth, residential address including the delivery address) in the application at the registration
  • sit in the examination room at the table with your name and place the travel document presented at the registration on the table
  • use the pencil that will be provided to you; you can use a rubber eraser
  • turn off your mobile phone
  • inform the administrator immediately if your exam paper is illegible, incomplete or if you believe that you have received the wrong exam paper
  • write your answers on the answer sheet, as only it will be marked
  • at the end of the time limit, put down the pencil at the administrator’s request and do not write anything more
  • return all exam materials (i.e., the assignment, answer sheets, papers with notes) to the administrator

You must not

  • have anyone else sit the exam for you
  • cheat during the exam, e.g., copy, speak with any other candidates
  • have items on the table other than writing utensils (standardised pencil with rubber eraser and pencil sharpener), drinks and possibly glasses
  • use any unpermitted aids (dictionaries, grammar books, textbooks, drafts of speeches etc.)
  • use any technological devices (mobile phones, translation devices, computers etc.)
  • use your own paper for notes
  • have a watch on your arm or on the bench (there is a clock available in the examination room)
  • leave the exam room during the subtest (before completing it)
  • disturb other candidates
  • work on the subtest after the time limit has expired
  • copy or take away exam materials
  • ask for answers to questions or ask for a translation of instructions

Please note that if you break the above rules, your exam will be taken away and will not be marked.

You may

  • bring refreshments
  • call the examiner over by raising your hand if you any problems during the exam
  • write notes on paper that the administrator will give to you upon request
  • hand in the exam materials before the time limit for a subtest expires; in such case, you are to leave the exam room quietly and only return after the break, but no later than by the time that the next subtest starts
  • challenge the course of the exam immediately on the day that it took place by lodging an appeal to the Chairman of the Examination Committee if you believe that the exam conditions did not correspond to the Exam Rules

No break is scheduled during the Czech Life and Institutions Exam.